Japan’s Chubu Electric Power Company said it plans to build a nuclear power plant with a total capacity of 3-4 GW by 2030.
According to Reuters, Japan, the world’s fifth-biggest greenhouse gas emitter, has drawn a roadmap for a low-carbon economy, including a goal to boost the ratio of zero-emissions power from nuclear and renewable sources to 70 per cent of output by 2030 from 34 per cent now.

“We’ve concluded that without having a new nuclear plant, it would be difficult to meet the zero-emissions goal,” Kazuhiko Okabe, an executive officer at the firm, said at a news conference.

Japan’s third-biggest power company also said it plans to invest a total 600bn yen to 800bn yen ($7.3bn-$9.7bn) in energy development abroad and its overseas power infrastructure business by 2030.

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