Iran and Hungary consider small nuclear reactor project

Iran and Hungary could be set to collaborate on developing a suite of small nuclear reactors for sale to regional markets.

Ali Akhbar Salehi (pictured), head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), reportedly told an audience in Budapest this week that his country had proposed a joint project to design and develop a 25 MW reactor and one up to 100 MW.

He said he believed these reactors could be manufactured in Iran and aimed at markets in Asia and Africa as they would require less cooling water than larger reactors and would be affordable for poorer nations.

Salehi said the project had been “received well” by Hungary and “we hope that we can start this project, just on paper. It requires a lot of scientific work to come up with such a design, certainly a number of years of hard work.”

He added that after the planned addition of two new Russian-made reactors at the site of the 1 GW Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran has “made our decision that we would look into small reactors. That is our strategy for the future.”

Andràƒ¡s Aradszki, Hungary’s energy secretary, confirmed that nuclear power is an area where the two nations aim to co-operate. à‚ 

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