11 years after it began construction, the Indian Supreme Court have approved the commissioning of the Kundankulam nuclear power plant.

The plant was built by state-owned Nuclear Power Corp. of India in conjunction with Russia’s Atomexport and has faced great opposition from anti-nuclear campaigners.

The plant had won governmental approval but the matter went before the Supreme Court after a petition was filed, stalling its commissioning.

The Supreme Court in its decision said the plant was “safe and secure and it is necessary for the larger public interest and economic growth of the country. Nuclear power plants are needed in the country for the present and future generations.”

Of the 2,000 MW of electricity to be generated by Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu — which faces peak hour deficits and load-shedding from 6-8 hours daily — will be allocated 925 MW.
Kundankulam NPP
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