The World Nuclear Association’s top adviser in India says the country is determined to grow its nuclear power capacity, despite “considerable challenges” that must be met.

Shah Nawaz Ahmad, WNA Senior Adviser India, told Power Engineering International, “The Indian government remains committed to the blueprint of greatly increasing the nuclear power component in its energy mix. Long-term goals will beShah Nawaz Ahmad met through a judicious mix of the indigenous pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) and fast breeder reactor (FBR) technology as well as imported reactors.”

The International Energy Agency recently published a report stressing the need for India to grow its nuclear power capacity up to 15 times its existing base. Ahmad says that the government is mindful of obstacles to a nuclear strategy that, it is hoped, will help bring electricity to 300 million people, as well as optimize economic potential.

“Of-course the programme faces considerable challenges in the areas of finances, projected costs, manpower and resolution of concerns regarding liability,” Ahmad told PEi, before adding, “Indian experts, however, are confident these will not be major stumbling blocks.”

“WNA has a presence in India and expects to play a significant role in facilitating the expansion of the Indian civil nuclear sector”.

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