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IEA sees risk of 15 per cent nuclear fall-off by 2035

Global nuclear power generation could drop by 15 per cent by 2035 in the wake of Fukushima, according the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The claim is made in the IEA‘s report World Energy Outlook, which will be published next week but which has been seen in advance by news agency Reuters.

In the report the IEA presents the scenario as a “pessimistic view of the prospects for the nuclear power industry”.

It states that worldwide nuclear capacity could drop from 393 GW at the start of this year to 339 GW in 2035.

The IEA also states that post-Fukushima, “the prospects for nuclear power are now much more uncertain than before the nuclear accident” and that it had “greatly increased the uncertainty about the future role of nuclear power in meeting the world’s energy needs”.

The full report will be published in London on 9 November.

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