The executive director of the International Energy Agency has warned that Japan’s CO2 emissions will grow significantly without returning to nuclear power.

Maria Van Der Hoeven, told the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that CO2 emissions would increase by 14 per cent by 2040 if none of Japan’s currently idled 48 nuclear reactors comes back online.
Maria Van Der Hoeven
Last Friday, the Japanese government said CO2 emissions were the highest on record in the year ended March 2014 because Japan stepped up use of fossil fuels to replace nuclear power.

Post Fukushima there is a strong resistance to nuclear power within Japan, with many advocating renewables as an alternative means of energy.

Two reactors in the southern island of Kyushu, owned by Kyushu Electric Power Co., are expected to restart as early as the New Year. But it’s unclear whether more reactors will follow soon.