The number of nuclear reactors in the world could rise by up to 350 by 2030 according to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s director general Yukiya Amano.

Plans for nuclear security following Fukishima are topping the agenda this week at the IAEA’s general conference in Vienna, and in his opening address yesterday Amano told delegates that Fukushima “caused deep public anxiety throughout the world and damaged confidence in nuclear power”.

“There was speculation that the expansion in interest in nuclear power seen in recent years could come to an end. However, it is clear that there will, in fact, be continuous and significant growth in the use of nuclear power in the next two decades, although at a slower rate than in our previous projections.”

He predicted that the number of nuclear reactors worldwide would increase by about 90 by 2030 “in our low projection, or by around 350, in our high projection, from the current total of 432 reactors”.

He added that most of the growth will occur in countries that already have operating nuclear power plants, such as China and India.

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