Hollande says au revoir to Fessenheim nuclear plant

France‘s president promised this week that he will formally initiate the shutdown process for the nation’s oldest nuclear power plant.

The 1840 MW Fessenheim plant (pictured), which features two 920 MW pressurized water reactors, came online in 1978. It is located in France’s northeastern Alsace region near the German border and is operated by EDF.

“Discussions are ongoing between the state and EDF on the conditions of this move,” president Francois Hollande was quoted as saying.

In March, Germany demanded that France close down the plant following reports that a 2014 incident there was worse than earlier portrayed.

And earlier this month French Energy Minister Segolene Royal told Tesla founder Elon Musk that, once the plant has been decommissioned, he should build an electric car factory at the site.

France has targeted a reduction in its nuclear power production from its current 75 per cent of the energy mix to 50 per cent by 2025, which will involve taking up to 24 of its 58 operational reactors offline.à‚ 

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