Germany secures back-up power to compensate for grid deficit

Germany has secured sufficient back-up power for the coming winter, alleviating fears caused by a failure to meet power transmission line targets.

5400 MW of back-up capacity is on hand to cope with potential supply fluctuations and demand peaks, the energy regulator, Bundesnetzagentur agency said on Monday.

The country had expected enough power transmission would now be in place to accommodate a growing proportion of wind power in the system, but construction has not kept pace with ambition.

Heavy production of wind power in areas where there is not enough transport capacity places stress on transmission grids and can require so-called re-dispatch – throttling production in some places, while revving up spare capacity in others. Reserve conventional power in order to keep lines balanced.

The Energiewende saw the complete phase-out of nuclear power in Germany but facilitating the switch to renewables is taking time.

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