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A report by the German Green Party has warned that the funds set aside for the decommissioning of the country’s nuclear power plants are insufficient.

The report by Professor Wolfgang Irrek and Professor Michael Vorfeld at the Hochschule Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences says Germany faces the most expensive and biggest demolition programme in the country’s history and funding it is set to prove beyond the means of the companies involved.
Biblis NPP
Around $42bn has been allocated towards the process by energy companies – which is paid through the electricity price, by the German consumer. The “nightmare scenario”, the report says, is that these funds are nowhere near enough.

The report concludes that the German taxpayer must be protected against the eventuality that the major power companies eventually pass on the financial responsibility for nuclear decommissioning and nuclear waste disposal to the general public. 

Decommissioning involves the disposal of nearly half a million tonnes of steel and concrete seventeen times over.

Companies such as Eon and RWE are already struggling financially with the nuclear switch off and the cost of decommissioning will have to come from consumers for decades to come.

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