Funding approved for $5.2bn Slovakian nuclear plant

The construction of two new units at the Mochovce nuclear power plant moved a step closer this week when shareholders of the Slovak power utility Slovenské Elektràƒ¡rne (SE), the state and the Italian energy company Enel agreed to provide additional funding necessary for completion of the third and fourth units of the plant.

An additional $551m was approved at a general meeting on Tuesday, according to spokesperson.
Nuclear plant
They had previously approved an increase in funding of nearly $827m.

Slovenské Elektràƒ¡rne justified the need for the increased investment mainly by the requirement to implement further security measures.

A spokesperson for Enel said, “Shareholders of SE confirmed that the Mochovce Power Plant Units 3&4 are the first VVER units incorporating all post-Fukushima improvements in their design as approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA SR) in the final Stress test report for the Slovak Republic. All additional safety improvements to Mochovce NPP Units 3 and 4 design are being implemented and will further improve safety of the power plant.”

The spokesperson added, “Shareholders agreed to further analyze the overall impact related to finally approved stress tests measures on the schedule and budget of the project. The Analysis is expected to be presented to Shareholders within this summer.”

“Brussels and Berlin actions on renewables welcomed by German business lobby.”

The third unit of the nuclear power plant should be completed at the end of this year, and the fourth in 2015. Installed capacity of the new nuclear units is about 1,000 MW.

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