French greens say Fessenheim closure ‘a presidential promise’

France’s Green Party says it has received assurances from President Francois Hollande that the country’s oldest nuclear power plant will indeed close in 2017.

“Fessenheim will close. We have spoken about it with the president,” the head of the Green party Emmanuelle Cosse said on France Info radio. “Fessenheim will close … before 2017.”
“That’s what he says and I know that maybe I am the only person in France to believe it, but I’m telling you that Fessenheim will close. It’s a presidential promise,” added Cosse, who met with Hollande earlier this week.

Mr Cosse’s comments appear to somewhat contradict a statement by Energy Minister Segolene Royal last month. She had said that closure was the preferred option but also suggested that the plant may, under certain conditions remain open.

Hollande promised in his presidential manifesto to close down the 1600 MW plant, but he has since met stiff resistance from EDF’s unions and management as well as local politicians.

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