French nuclear services provider CNIM has won contracts to design and develop handling systems for nuclear materials in the UK, Finland and Ukraine.

Under a contract with France’s EDF, the firm will design, manufacture and install a spent fuel unloading system for the Hinkley Point C plant, currently under construction in the UK.

Under a separate contract with Finland’s Posiva Oy, a joint venture between TVO and Fortum, CNIM will engineer three fuel handling and transfer machines for an encapsulation unit being built at the Onkalo deep-geological spent nuclear fuel repository. CNIM will provide a cask transfer trolley, a fuel handling machine and a canister trolley.

And in Ukraine, a repeat contract with engineering consortium Novarka will entail construction of a maintenance trolley for the main crane system at the Chernobyl site, where a new containment system is under construction. The trolley will be used in dismantling the reactor damaged after the 1986 accident as well as its containment structure, and will feature a lead-lined cabin positioned on a telescopic rail to avoid radiation exposure near the reactor.

CNIM’s director of nuclear activities, Ludovic Vandendriesche, said the firm would need to complete the design, sourcing, manufacturing and in-house testing work for Novarka by November, when the construction work is due to be finished.

The handling systems will be manufactured at CNIM’s facilities in France, the company said.