Finnish parliament approves Russian-supplied nuclear plant

The parliament of Finland has backed a plan to allow Russia-state owned Rosatom to build a $7.4bn, 1200 MW nuclear power plant.

The Russian operator is to arrange financing and supply of theà‚ Fennovoima nuclear reactor and fuel for the project, which has caused tensions, due to the ongoing rift between Russia and Europe. 115 deputies voted for the plant to go ahead with 74 opposed.
Finnish flag
Referring to the decision to go against Europe’s present position with Russia at the moment, centre-right economy minister Jan Vapaavuori told Reuters, “It is clear that this is not the best time for this decision from the international politics point of view. But we must make decisions when the issues come to our table.”

He added the project would not violate EU sanctions against Russia.

The project originally won backing in 2010 but several investors dropped out and changes in the planned reactor’s size and supplier prompted the latest approval process.

Finns are hoping the addition of the plant will boost power output and an economy set to contract for a third consecutive year.

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