Focus on the equipment and technologies used in nuclear power plants, including those for radioactive waste disposal and reactor decommissioning. Topics include nuclear coolants, pressure vessels and steam generators and cover all reactors, such as boiling water reactor, pressurized water reactor, and advanced gas-cooled reactors. Also examined are equipment for small modular reactors, fusion reactors and floating reactors.

Dominion announces intent to seek license renewal at Millstone in 2004

Dominion announced Tuesday that it intends to file an application with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to renew the licenses for its two operating nuclear units at Millstone Power Station for an additional 20 years

Around the Globe – Companies

Strong growth in EnronOnline transactions has helped to lift the second quarter earnings of US energy group Enron by nearly one third. The company's net income rose from $222m for 2Q 1999 to $289m for 2Q 2000 on a revenue increase of 75 per cent.

To zoom, or not to zoom

Zooming? I thought it was the latest dance craze to hit town. Forgive me - we were in New Orleans and everyone was always talking about what a great party town it is.

Around the Globe-Companies

France's Framatome and Siemens of Germany have announced that they are to merge their nuclear operations in a move that will create the world's largest nuclear services and construction company.

A strategy for SUCCESS

PowerGen International '99 comes at a time when success in the intensely competitive power development business requires a clear strategy that capitalizes on solid competitive advantages. Two aspects of Entergy's strategy are to focus on core capabilities in nuclear operations and to build on our unique advantages in gas-fired generation.

People and personnel

Following the recent retirement of several top executives, Framatome has made three new appointments to its management team: Herve Freslon, vice president nuclear operations; Gilbert Lehmann, CFO; and Alain Vallee, vice president of research technology and quality.

Report finds Germany leading Europe in planned maintenance projects

A recent study of European electric utilities shows Germany to be a leader in planned control system projects and planned outages through June 1, 1997.

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