Focus on the equipment and technologies used in nuclear power plants, including those for radioactive waste disposal and reactor decommissioning. Topics include nuclear coolants, pressure vessels and steam generators and cover all reactors, such as boiling water reactor, pressurized water reactor, and advanced gas-cooled reactors. Also examined are equipment for small modular reactors, fusion reactors and floating reactors.

Framatome Germany

Framatome to modernize neutron research reactor at Munich university

French nuclear major Framatome has been awarded a multimillion-euro contract to modernize the crane instrumentation and control systems at the research neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz.

Rolls-Royce and Turkey’s EUAS International ICC partner on compact nuclear power

Rolls-Royce and Turkey’s EUAS International ICC have signed a MoU to evaluate the feasibility of joint production of compact nuclear power stations

Doosan Škoda to modernize turbines at Slovakia nuclear plant

Doosan Škoda has won a contract to modernize two turbine sets with a total capacity of 440 MW at Unit 1 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant.

NuScale signs MOU to bring SMR nuclear reactor technology to Ukraine

NuScale Power and Ukrainian nuclear researchers will collaborate on developing NuScale’s small modular reactor designs for that nation’s energy sector.
Bilfinger wins $73m contract for Hinkley Point C nuclear plant

Bilfinger wins $73m contract for Hinkley Point C nuclear plant

German engineering firm Bilfinger has won a €68m ($73m) contract from EDF for work on Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant which is being built in the UK.

Siemens introduces new compact modular recloser

The new Siemens Compact Modular Recloser (CMR) is a cost-effective, reduced-maintenance alternative to single-phase, oil-filled reclosers. Fully rated, lightweight, configurable, and compliant to IEEE...

Big Question: What’s fuelling our data?

Simone Bruckner investigates how to improve energy efficiency in data centres. In 2018, Chinese data centres produced 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), generating...

New nuclear, new business model

Neil Cornelius makes the case for a nuclear power generator with regulated returns. The current contract for a differences-based business model for funding new nuclear...

Sheffield Forgemasters leads landmark research project

Engineering specialist Sheffield Forgemasters is to lead a consortium of partners in its largest ever research and development project, with an overall...

Framatome-Siemens to supply Hanhikivi 1 nuclear plant’s automation

Hanhikivi 1 project’s main building contractor Titan-2 has reached an agreement with Framatome-Siemens to supply automation for the power plant. According to...

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