ENGIE expands partnership on nuclear research with France’s CEA

nuclear power
Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

French multinational electric utility companyà‚ ENGIEà‚ has expanded its partnership on research and development ofà‚ nuclearà‚ technologies with French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, CEA.

ENGIE and CEA will continue their collaboration on enhancing nuclear technologies through December 31, 2022.

The two partners will focus on:

  • Improving the performance and safety of reactors
  • Knowledge development concerning the evolution of materials, equipment, and components, including vessels and internal structures
  • Decommissioning, dismantling, and decontamination of nuclear installations, control of radiation protection, management of radioactive releases and waste.

Exchanges are also conducted by the two partners in the field of theà‚ energy transition.

ENGIE will provide its nuclear energy business knowledge acquired over 55 years and through the operation of seven nuclear power plants in Belgium.

The utility has 9,000 engineers and technicians with nuclear skills and more than €850m in the sector in 2019. CEA brings its skills, expertise and software platforms in the management of nuclear research and development projects.

ENGIE will leverage the expansion of the partnership to continue to develop its technical and human skills in the nuclear industry.

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