Engie adjusts profit forecast after Belgian nuclear outages

French power giant Engie has adjusted its profit forecast for this year after taking into account the financial effects of ongoing outages at two Belgian nuclear power plants on a subsidiary company.

According to a statement released today, utility Electrabel will be impacted by the outages to the tune of €40m ($45m) per month, reducing its expected monthly income from €2.85bn-3.15bn to €2.75bn-3.05bn.

As a result, Engie (formerly GDF Suez) said it has reduced its profit outlook for the year by €0.1bn, corresponding to two additional winter months of outage and assuming average weather conditions.

Electrabel’s 1006 MW Doel 3 and 1008 MW Tihange 2 pressurized water reactors (pictured) are expected to remain offline until November due to the discovery of reactor vessel defects believed to be introduced during the manufacturing process. The two reactors were shut down in March 2014 in a planned outage initially expected to last for six weeks. Electrabel then announced that a restart was planned for July.

Belgium’s nuclear regulator has been researching the problem this year.

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