French energy firm EDF has been fined EUR1.5m ($2m) and had two of its former nuclear security staff jailed for spying on environmental group Greenpeace.

A Paris court yesterday sentenced Pascal Durieux, EDF’s ex-head of nuclear security, to three years in prison, with two suspended, and also fined him EUR10,000 ($13,000) for commissioning a detective agency called Kagus to spy on Greenpeace in 2006.

The court heard how Kagus hacked into the computer of Greenpeace’s then campaigns director Yannick Jadot to gain information about the group’s planned anti-nuclear activities, particularly against EDF’s reactor at Flammanville.

EDF’s deputy head of security in 2006, Pierre-Paul Francois, was also sentenced to three years in jail, with 30 months suspended, while Kagus boss Thierry Lorho was jailed for three years, with two suspended, and was fined EUR4,000.

Adelaide Colin, communications director for Greenpeace in France, said the decision “sends a strong signal to the nuclear industry: no-one is above the law”.