Vincent de Rivaz , the CEO of EDF Energy has predicted that Germany will pay a high cost for its veto on nuclear energy as it drives to build on its leading position for renewable power capacity.

Click Green reports that Mr de Rivaz said the Germans should expect future high energy prices and an over-reliance on energy-producing countries such as Russia because of the policy.

EDF CEO Vincent de Rivaz
                                                        Image via The Daily Telegraph
Germany is Europe’s leading renewable energy provider and its green power sector accounts for more than twice as many jobs as in France and over three times as many as in Italy.

Mr de Rivaz was speaking yesterday at a University of Exeter lecture series Shaping the Future. His subject was “Can energy companies be trusted to deliver a sustainable future?”

In a Q&A session afterwards he was asked what is his view on Germany’s abandonment of nuclear power following a successful drive towards renewable energy.

He said: “Russia, China, the US, France and Britain have taken a different choice which is why Germany is so isolated.

“I think the decision has been triggered by their long history of having a vision that nuclear is dangerous. Fukushima was the trigger of something that was there for a long time. It is their decision and we will not change it.

“The question for a lot of people is how they are going to cope with the consequences of this decision in terms of their economy and security of energy supply. Some consequences will be that energy prices will increase and there will be an over-reliance on supplies from Russia.”

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