Corporate Risk Associates (CRA) has been awarded a new contract by EDF Energy to perform a technicSizewell B nuclear power plantal review of a reliability analysis developed for upgrades to the Process Control and Distributed Computer Systems at Sizewell B nuclear power plant in Suffolk, England.

The move comes as part of a modernisation of the platforms by American based nuclear power company and technology provider to Sizewell B, Westinghouse Electric Company.

The Pennsylvania based company operates the Westinghouse Integrated System for Centralised Operation (WISCO) on which both the Process Control and Distributed Computer Systems for Sizewell B are housed.

The work will include a full review, recommendations and an endorsement of the reliability analysis being carried out by the nuclear technology company.

CRA has a strong pedigree in the nuclear sector having advised on the management of safety, risk and reliability across projects including the Magnox