URS Corp. has been awarded a contract by Areva Enrichment Services (AES) to provide procurement, construction and management services for the planned Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in Idaho.

Under the terms of the contract, URS will perform its work in two phases. During Phase I, URS will provide construction and procurement planning services. During Phase 2, which would only commence upon AES receiving a Combined Operating License for the facility from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other necessary approvals, URS will provide a full range of procurement, construction and management services. AES submitted its licence application for the plant at the end of 2008. The NRC has concluded that there are no significant environmental impacts that would preclude licensing.

In May 2010, Areva was awarded a conditional offer of a loan guarantee for $2 billion from the U.S. The Department of Energy. The total cost to build Eagle Rock is expected to be $3.3 billion.

The facility is expected to start operations in 2014 and to be fully constructed by 2017. The plant will be similar to Areva’s Georges Besse II facility at Tricastin, France, which is based on centrifuge technology licensed from Urenco.

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