Construction of Tamil Nadu nuclear plant halted over protests

Construction of the Koodankulam 2 GW nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu has been halted by the Indian state’s cabinet in response to a hunger strike by members of the local community.

More than 100 villagers had fasted for 12 days in protest against the project, which they believe would threaten local livelihoods in fishing.

The Tamil Nadu cabinet passed a resolution on 22 September that all work should stop on the plant, being constructed through a collaboration between India and Russia, until the concerns of local inhabitants had been met.

The decision followed a meeting between protestors’ representatives and Tamil Nadu’s chief minister J Jayalalithaa and V. Narayanaswamy, a representative of India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh.

The chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commissionà‚ told theà‚ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s annual gathering earlier in the week on 21 September that India remains committed to nuclear power.

“The role of nuclear power as a safe, clean and viable source to meet energy needs, as well as to adequately address the concerns of global warming and climate change, cannot be undermined,” said Srikumar Banerjee in Vienna.

“This is all the more so for developing countries and emerging economies, which aim to provide a better quality of life for its people.”

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