CMR Group launches temperature sensors for nuclear industry

UK-headquartered control and instrumentation specialist CMR Group has launched a series of high performance temperature sensors for the nuclear power industry.

The range brings together foCMR Group's AN sensorsur different sensor series, all of which are environmentally compliant for the ambient temperature monitoring of fluid, gas and bearing temperatures in the nuclear sector.

CMR’s AN sensor series is designed for the temperature measurement of high pressure fluids and aggressive gaseous fluids used in nuclear power generation, although the company says they can also be used effectively with non-pressurised fluids.

For temperature measurements associated with alternators, pumps, steam and gas turbine bearings and other rotary machine bearings, two CMR sensor options are available.

These are the BS6 nuclear sensor with an insulated platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) for use in harsh environments, and the special BCI6 type K thermocouple sensor for bearing temperature measurement on rotating/reciprocating machines.

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