Akihisa Mizuno, president of Chubu Electric Power, called on Japan’s Industry Ministry to support Chubu’s efforts to seek an early resumption of operations of its Hamaoka nuclear power plant.

Hamaoka plant was shut down at the request of the Japanese government following the tsunami in March.

Chubu Electric has made a formal request to Industry Minister Banri Kaieda for the government to explain to ratings agencies and financial institutions that Hamoaka would be suspended for a “limited period”. The company also seeks exemption from petroleum and coal tax.

In addition, Chubu Electric wants the government to set a moratorium on contributions to a state-backed entity that is expected to be set up to help Tepco compensate those affected by the Fukushima incident, said Mizuno. The government plans to make Japanese electricity firms that own nuclear power plants pay annual contributions to the fund.

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