Canada has reached a deal with China that will make it easier for Cameco Corp and other Canadian uranium producers to sell nuclear fuel into the fastest-growing market for nuclear power generation.

“This agreement will help Canadian uranium companies to substantially increase exports to China, the world’s fastest growing market for these products,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office said in a statement.

China currently operates some 13 nuclear reactors, with a total nuclear power output of about 11 gigawatts. The Asian country, which has 27 reactors under construction, plans to boost output to 80 GW by 2020, reports Reuters.

Construction of reactors in China is expected to outweigh the decommissioning of plants in Japan, where reactors were taken offline in the wake of the Fukushima disaster last March, and inĀ Germany, where the Japanese disaster led to a policy shift away from nuclear power.

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