China’s power consumption rose 1.3 per cent in the first half of 2015 when compared to the same period for last year while figures also show investment in thermal power infrastructure rose 14.9 per cent.

That’s according to data from China Electricity Council provided to Industrial Info market intelligence, who also provided information on the country’s new installed power capacity for the year to date.
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This growth rate compares with 5.4 per cent in the first half of 2014.

New installed power capacity totalled 43.38 GW including over 5 GW in hydropower and 23.43 GW in thermal (coal and gas-fired) power.

The installed capacity of power equipment in plants with capacity more than 6 MW reached 1,359.51 GW, an increase of 8.7 per cent. Installed hydroelectric power capacity reached 268.13 GW, an increase of 5.7 per cent; thermal power reached 935.01 GW, an increase of 6.4 per cent; nuclear power reached 22.14 GW, an increase of 24.5 per cent; and wind power reached 104.91 GW, an increase of 26.8 per cent.

China’s investment in power generation construction totalled $21.3bn in the first half of the year, an increase of 7.6 per cent, with hydropower infrastructure investment of $4.45 billion, a drop of 17.2 per cent; thermal power reaching $6.53bn, an increase of 14.1 per cent; nuclear power totalled $3.27bn, a drop of 14.9 per cent; and wind power reached $6.4 billion, an increase of 43.7 per cent. Spending in hydropower, nuclear power and wind power accounted for 69.4 per cent of the total investment in power generation.

Finally in the first half of 2015, China invested $26.39bn in grid construction, a drop of 0.8 per cent.

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