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China’s first domestically produced nuclear reactor approved

China’s State Council has issued a statement announcing its approval of the first demonstration unit of China’s Hualong-1 nuclear reactor.

It is the country’s first domestically designed nuclear reactor.
Chinese nuclear engineers
Jointly developed by Chinese state-backed nuclear companies, it is expected to be constructed at a nuclear project in the southern province of Fujian. The State Council, in approving Hualong-1, said it was “using an adjustment of the energy sector to promote steady growth.”

In 2012 central planners in Beijing directed CNNC and the other large nuclear builder and operator, China General Nuclear (CGN), to ‘rationalise’ their reactor programs. This meant CNNC’s ACP1000 and CGN’s ACPR1000 were ‘merged’ into one standardised design – the Hualong One.

In fact, each company has its own supply chain and their versions of Hualong One will differ slightly (units built by CGN will use some features from the ACPR1000), but the design is considered to be standardised. It is set for wide deployment in China as well as export to other countries

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