China look to solar power nuclear free Japan

With Japan opting out of nuclear power following Fukushima, Chinese solar producers are keen on exploiting the gap in power generation in the country.

At least five Chinese solar panel manufacturers, including Hebei-based Yingli Green Energy, Jiangsu-based Hareon Solar Technology Co. Ltd. and Shanghai-based Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co. Ltd, have set up offices in Japan since the beginning of 2012, state-run news agency Xinhua reports.

Solar photovoltaic power

The end of nuclear reactors in Japan “will definitely give the Chinese photovoltaic industry a new opportunity,” Wang Liusheng, an analyst with China Merchants Securities, told Xinhua.

Wang said the Japanese government is expected to adopt an electricity consumption subsidy policy this year, a step he says would make Japan “a very attractive market” for solar, reports UPI.

Meanwhile Greenpeace have called for Japan’s solar power and wind energy generation to increase from the current level of 3500 MW to 47200 MW by 2015.

Last year Japan ranked fifth in worldwide installed photovoltaic panel module capacity, accounting for about 5 per cent of the world’s 24 GW solar power installed capacity, says IMS Research.

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