Czech power company CEZ has today invited three organisation to submit bids to build a new nuclear power plant at Temelin.

The trio are Areva, Westinghouse and a joint venture between three design engineers, Czech firm Skoda, Russia’s Atomstroyexport and Polish company Gidropress.

The tender to build the plant will not only be the biggest ever awarded by CEZ but also the largest public contract in the Czech Republic.

CEZ chief executive Daniel Banes said the bid invitations marked “an important step to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to Czech customers in the upcoming decades”.

Separately, Banes today also told news agency AFP that “the development of nuclear power is a fundamental priority”.

He said: “If we lose nuclear power, we will find ourselves at the mercy of Russian gas. There’s no other way. Renewable sources won’t cover our [energy] needs.”

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