Centre for modular nuclear manufacturing to open in UK

Engineering firm Cammell Laird is to partner with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) to open a manufacturing development centre in the UK.

The new centre will be located at Cammell Laird’s existing site in Birkenhead on the northwest coast. à‚ 

The Nuclear AMRC is an academic-industry collaboration aimed at fostering manufacturing innovation and supplier development across the UK’s nuclear supply chain.

Andrew Storer, Nuclear AMRC managing director, said the planned facility will develop modular manufacturing methods for new-buildà‚ reactors of all sizes, drawing on Cammell Laird’s experience in modular shipbuilding “and a host of innovative technologies to significantly reduce costs and lead times for nuclear new build”.

“It also gives us a base in the North West, the core region for the UK’s nuclear industry, allowing us to work more closely with the regional supply chain and the development sites in Cumbria and North Wales,” he said.à‚ 

Cammell Laird energy division managing director Jonathan Brown said the new centre aims to research “a wide range of areas supporting the assembly, commissioning and transportation of modules of up to 5000 tonnes”.à‚ 

He said the partnership also aims to target the export market in future.à‚ 




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