UK-based nuclear power services supplier Cavendish Nuclear Ltd and Japanese civil engineering firm Shimizu Corporation have agreed to collaborate on decommissioning Japan’s nuclear power fleet.

The two firms signed a technical co-operation memorandum of understanding (MoU) this week.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shimizu aims to develop its decommissioning business in the Japanese domestic market using technologies and expertise from Cavendish Nuclear.

The companies said the agreement will cover Shimizu’s planned support for Japanese utilities planning to decommission their nuclear power plants, from early stage preparatory work through to final demolition.

Cavendish Nuclear, which is a subsidiary of Babcock International, will contribute experience in reactor decontamination and dismantling, the companies said. Cavendish is currently overseeing the decommissioning of multiple plants in the UK, including gas-cooled, fast breeder and research reactors.

Shimizu is experienced in nuclear plant technical development, design, construction and maintenance, and is also overseeing decommissioning of several Japanese research reactors as well as the 1266 MW Tokai plant (pictured), which was the country’s first commercial reactor and dates from the 1970s.