UK Prime Minister David Cameron has told EDF it wants a ‘quick decision’ on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant project.

“Our message is that we are very, very keen on this investment,” he said. “We want to see it go ahead. Everything that needs to be done -State Aid clearance through the EU, planning, Government support, training packages, local production – everything is in place.
British Prime Minister and Conservative party leader, David Cameron
“So we hope this decision can be taken quickly. It’s a win-win for Britain, for British consumers, for our nuclear industry and for France as well, so I’m sure it will go ahead – but the sooner the better,” he added.

Mr Cameron made his comments on the campaign trail in Bristol as he prepares for the forthcoming general election.

Last week works stalled at the Hinkley Point site, with 400 workers also temporarily laid off in the process as French state-owned EDF continued to negotiate with partners to secure the investment needed to start the project.

The project is also under threat from particular member states and other interests who have made known their intentions to sue the European Commission once the project approval is officially published in the EU’s Official Journal.

EDF said it hoped to have that final decision by June.