Building the connection between nuclear safety and nuclear security

WANO, the World Association of Nuclear Operators, and WINS, the World Institute for Nuclear Security, are pleased have announced a collaborative effort to examine the interface between nuclear safety and nuclear security.

A joint Working Group will be established in 2012 with the objective of better defining and identifying best practices for managing the interface between these disciplines.

The Working Group will comprise representatives of the two organisations, with support as necessary from other specialists, taking into account advice already published by the IAEA’s International Nuclear Safety Group (INSAG).

WANO’s Chairman, Laurent Stricker, said “It is in the interests of all the world’s operators to ensure that nuclear safety and security arrangements are as seamless as possible, but there are challenges in achieving this, given the different technical goals and responsibilities, and how they are allocated between licensees and the national authorities in different countries.

We intend to do what we can, working with WINS, to examine and address the operational interface with security, which is consistent with our mission to share best practices in operation and maintenance of commercial nuclear generating plants among its members and to promote the highest levels of nuclear safety.”

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