Feb. 20, 2001—Data Systems & Solutions has won a 5 year contract to supply channel gas outlet thermocouples for British Energy’s Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), near Bridgewater, Somerset in the United Kingdom.

Channel gas outlet thermocouples measure fuel channel outlet and shield plug assembly temperatures, and are important in supporting the safe operation of nuclear power plants.

The thermocouples are manufactured, tested and inspected (by third party inspectors) to meet quality and performance standards. Each thermocouple assembly is produced in a “clean room” environment and comprises six Alumel/Chromel units of required type and length that are welded and sealed in stainless steel housing.

Data Systems & Solutions was awarded the contract on a competitive basis, and will be implementing the supply and installation of the thermocouples from its Gateshead, England office. Data Systems & Solutions has supplied thermocouples to British Energy since the 1980s.