Brazil’s nuclear plants set records

The electricity produced by Brazil’s two nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and Angra 2, set new records in 2011.

The total amount of electricity generated was 15.6 TWh and the two plants also set individual records in 2011: Angra 1 generating 4.6 TWh and Angra 2, 11 TWh, according to Agencia Brasil.

Angra 1 is 30 years old and Angra 2 has been operational for a decade. Both plants are operating at 100% of capacity at the moment, generating 3.17% of all electricity in Brazil (91% of Brazil’s electricity is produced by hydroelectric power plants).

The nuclear power plants are an important part of the state of Rio de Janeiro electricity grid, generating 30 per cent of the electricity the state uses.

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