Brazil decides to opt out of nuclear until at least 2020

Brazil has announced that no new nuclear power plants are to be built in the country for at least the next ten years.

Marcio Zimmermann, Executive Secretary of Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy, was quoted as saying at a public meeting that a moratorium will be in place on nuclear build during this time.

RTT reports that the government expects that power demand for the coming years can be met by hydro-electric power generation, and complementary energy sources such as wind, thermal and natural gas.

“The 2021 plan, as far as I know, will not consider nuclear power stations either,” he added, although he did not rule out construction of such facilities in the longer term.

Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had plans to build some 50 nuclear reactors, while the current Dilma Rousseff government shelved her predecessor’s nuclear ambition.

Nuclear energy constitutes just around three percent of the total power generation in Brazil, which relies overwhelmingly on hydro-electric projects.

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