5 September 2002 – Kernkraftwerk Brunsbuttel in Germany has awarded Westinghouse Electric Company in Sweden (a wholly owned subsidiary of BNFL) a contract to supply reload fuel for the Brunsbuttel nuclear power plant.

The contract, valued in excess of $15.5m is for four deliveries of fuel. The first assignment is scheduled for 2004 and the final set for 2007.

Westinghouse in Sweden has been the main supplier of fuel to Brunsbuttel since 1988. Since then, Westinghouse has delivered about 1000 fuel assemblies to the plant. Brunsbuttel is an 806 MW boiling water reactor owned by Hamburgische Electricitats-Werke and E.ON. It is located Northwest of Hamburg.

Westinghouse Electric Company LLC provides a wide range of nuclear plant products and services to utilities around the world, including fuel, spent fuel management, service and maintenance, nuclear automation, and advanced nuclear plant designs.