BNFL Environmental Services wins DTI nuclear safety contract for former Soviet Union

8 August 2002 – BNFL Environmental Services, the specialist BNFL business group engaged in decommissioning and remediation, has won a three-year contract to work with the DTI providing nuclear safety assistance to Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

The contract is designed to support nuclear power plants and regulators in the recipient countries in their proposals to gain UK funding for safety improvement programmes, implementation of modern emergency operating procedures, safety analysis reports and assessments to International standards.

The DTI expects to spend à‚£5m next year under its Nuclear Safety Programme to provide assistance to Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. BNFL Environmental Services’ has had a long history in the region and ongoing relationship management in the beneficiary countries.

The work will involve meeting both power plant representatives, regulators and national officials throughout the region to agree specific safety projects. Following this, BNFL Environmental Services will then employ its contract management skills to ensure maximum effectiveness of DTI funds in providing assistance to the beneficiaries.

Ian Jamieson, project manager, BNFL Environmental Services, said, “This work with the DTI is very important to us. BNFL Environmental Services will play a key role in influencing the manner in which UK aid is used in the specified countries. Our role as managers of the programme will be to help the beneficiaries decide what they need, and then to work with the DTI to establish feasibility and specific budgets. We will then help the DTI to prepare the contract invitation to tender, and will manage the contracts for the work on behalf of the DTI, verifying the deliverables and ensuring that these meet both DTI and beneficiaries’ expectations.

In July 2000 the Government announced an à‚£84m Grant-in-Aid assistance programme of expenditure over three years to address nuclear problems in FSU countries. The budget for 2002-03 is à‚£27m. This programme is managed by the DTI on behalf of a number of government departments with cross cutting interests in Former Soviet Union nuclear legacy issues.

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