Austria’s environment minister has repeated that his country will not be deterred from launching a lawsuit that could derail the Hinkley Point nuclear power project for five to eight years.

Andrae Rupprechter said in a newspaper interview that Austria will take legal action to block any subsidized nuclear power plants in an effort to discourage use of the technology in Europe and scare off investors.
Andrae Rupprechter
He told Wirtschaftsblatt, “Should other countries present similar subsidy plans, we will fight these in court,” adding that such state backing hindered the rollout of renewable energy technology.

“Giving preference to nuclear power is unacceptable. Nuclear energy is neither safe nor economical. A lawsuit may also make potential investors hesitant.”

His comments come a day after news emerged that a number of federal states in Germany were applying pressure on the Merkel government to similarly oppose the European Commission decision to allow the UK to subsidise nuclear power.

The statement can only mean Vienna will indeed go through with its lawsuit in the very near future, as the window of time for appealing the decision draws to a close.

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