The Austrian government is fine tuning its long-awaited legal objection to the European Commission decision facilitating the construction of the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant.

Susanna Enk, spokeswoman for Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) responded to an Austrian Press Agency info request to say, “There are still some legal details (to be) checked. The Constitutional Service of the Federal Chancellery must still make a few clarifications, with “only the final details” to be concluded.
Werner Faymann
According to Solid Austria website the objection against the approval of state aid for the construction of the nuclear power plant will be formally made this week.

However, Vienna could have as long as the 22nd of July to serve the lawsuit according to officials at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and has already postponed the action twice.

Austria’s point is that renewables are eligible but nuclear power, as a well-established power source doesn’t meet the criteria. They add that the decision will lead to distortion of competition.

Despite pressure from opposition parties and pressure groups and criticism from within their own number, the German government say there is no legal basis for backing the Austrian action.