France’s Areva is to play a significant part in the decommissioning of the 1,345 MW Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant in Germany.

E.ON Kernkraft has selected the company to decontaminate what is Germany’s oldest nuclear power plant and the proposed work is aimed at reducing the radiation level in the water reactor’s pressure vessel, auxiliary systems, and piping.
Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant
As part of this effort, the company will use two techniques including AMDA and CORD UV which involve progressive injection of chemical products into the primary circuit of the reactor.

On completion, the chemical substances will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, with no waste product. The process can be applied while the plant is in operation.

Areva said that the process can also be used as a preparatory measure before decommissioning, which can help reduce leftover radioactive waste.

Work under the contract is planned to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2016.