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Areva wins German nuclear decontamination contract

Vattenfall Europe Nuclear Energy has selected France‘s Areva for a decontamination project at a German nuclear power plant, the firm announced this week.

Areva is to decontaminate the primary loop of the 1346 MW Kràƒ¼mmel nuclear power plant (pictured), which is located in Geesthacht near Hamburg and is jointly owned by Vattenfall and E.ON, with Vattenfall responsible for operation. à‚ The plant was taken offline in 2011 in accordance with Germany’s nuclear phase-out.

The decontamination process will reduce the radiation level in the reactor pressure vessel, auxiliary systems and piping, Areva said.

The project is planned to begin before the end of this month, with the decontamination to be implemented in the first half of 2016.

Areva said it will combine two techniques for the decontamination process, with chemical products progressively injected into the reactor’s primary circuit. Once the process is completed, the chemical substances are decomposed into CO2 and water.

“This decontamination technology has been used reliably in over 30 nuclear facilities worldwide, including boiling and pressurized water reactors,” said Michael Cerruti, Sales Executive Vice- President of Areva’s Reactors & Services business group.