Areva has been awarded a contract by the Canadian group SNC-Lavalin Nuclear to provide filtered containment venting systems (FCVS) for Units 1 and 2 at CNE Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania.

The contract is part of a global cooperation agreement between Areva and SNC-Lavalin for CANDU-specific reactor designs. The project is planned for completion over the next 27 months.

The FCVS technology is part of a global Safety Alliance framework through which Areva provides a range of safety analysis, upgrades and enhancements to help utilities meet post-Fukushima Safety requirements.

Claude Jaouen, Senior Executive Vice President of Reactors & Services Business Group. “The filtered containment venting system responds to issues raised as a result of Fukushima and is just one way AREVA is working to meet and exceed our customers’ safety needs”.

It is designed for use in the event of a severe accident leading to the reactor core meltdown and the partial or total incapacitation of safety systems. In such an event, the FCVS operates to achieve a controlled reduction of the containment pressure thanks to the filtered venting that ensures the retention and recirculation of airborne activity within containment.

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