Areva completes Bavaria nuclear plant refuelling work

French nuclear company AREVA has carried out an upgrade to the refuelling machine at Isar 2 power plant in Germany.

Areva also optimized the control system during the annual planned outage at the pressurized water reactor plant in Bavaria, which is operated by PreussenElektra and has been operating since 1988.

“This project is another milestone in the partnership with PreussenElektra,” said Areva project manager Oswald Bieber.

“The new refueling machine control system will noticeably improve our processes during future outages and make them safer.”

The refuelling machine of a nuclear power plant is a mobile lifting device which is of special importance during the yearly outage. Loading, unloading and shuffling of fuel assemblies takes a considerable amount of time and effort, therefore, refuelling directly influences the outage time.à‚ 

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