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Areva and Toshiba submit Finnish nuclear bids

French nuclear power company Areva and Japanese firm Toshiba have submitted commercial bids to build a nuclear plant in Finland.

The facility in Pyhajoki will be operated by Finnish nuclear power company Fennovoima, which selected Areva and Toshiba as its preferred bidders in 2008. Fennovoima ” which is co-owned by Finnish co-operative Voimaosakeyhtio and E.ON ” said the final decision on which firm wins the contract will be made either this year or in 2013.

The bids cover theà‚ engineering, procurement and construction of theà‚ complete plant, including theà‚ reactor and the turbine.

Areva’s bid centres on its European pressurised reactor (EPR) and Toshiba’s utilises its advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR). Areva would work with either Alstom or Siemens while Toshiba proposes to deliver both the reactor and the turbine through its own company.

Areva is already building an EPR nuclear plant in Finland, the 1600 MW facility at Olkiluoto, which is expected to come online in 2014 and become the first operational EPR reactor in the world.

Peter Wappler of Areva said: “Obviously, having an EPR reactor already licensed and under construction in Finland is a significant competitive advantage.”

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