Areva and Toshiba have made commercial bids to Fennovoima for the construction of a nuclear power plant on a Greenfield site in Northern Finland.

The Finnish consortium says it will select a supplier for its reactor– to be named Hanhikivi 1– in 2012 or 2013. 

Fennovoima nuclear plant Both the Areva EPR and Toshiba ABWR designs are being offered for the plant, and bids cover the engineering, supply and construction of nuclear and turbine islands.

The scope of the bids does not include preparatory infrastructure works like earthworks, excavation and offshore construction that will be carried out before Hanhikivi 1 construction begins.

In Areva’s bid, the turbine island will be supplied by either Alstom or Siemens. Toshiba proposes to deliver both the reactor and the turbine through its own company.

Fennovoima says that a plant supplier will be selected in 2012 or 2013 and that the schedule for the project would be defined during negotiations and in the plant contract.

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