The German environment minister, Peter Altmaier has responded to compatriot Guenther Oettinger’s assertion that Germany may again accept nuclear power, saying such a move will never happen.

“I cannot see any plausible political line-up that would enable a revival of nuclear power in Germany,” Altmaier told the Leipziger Volkszeitung regional daily.
Peter Altmaier
Germany decided to dispense with nuclear power after the Fukushima incident in Japan and, despite concerns about rising energy prices as a result of the new energy policy, have been resolute in embracing renewables.

The European Union’s Energy Commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, told Monday’s edition of the Rheinische Post regional daily that there would “still be nuclear power on the German network in 40 years.”

He said there were still 140 nuclear power stations in Europe and that nuclear fusion technology was progressing rapidly. “Maybe this technology will one day be accepted in Germany,” said Oettinger.

Altmaier and his cabinet colleagues take the opposing view, despite Japan itself this week looking set to return to nuclear power, after previously seeming to adopt a German-style stance, following Fukushima.

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