As customers’ expectations and options continue to grow, utilities must create a personal connection with each individual they serve to enable satisfaction, loyalty and even collaboration. Traditionally, utilities have had limited interactions with customers because they primarily rely on outbound communications, such as bill inserts and traditional broadcast media. Utility customers have become empowered and are now far more demanding and connected. As such, utilities must be more proactive in their communications. Utilities now must engage with customers through the channels that customers prefer— whether that is through the web, on a mobile device, using text messaging or with a representative in a call center—to offer self-service bill payment and provide the ability to manage energy usage and compare energy efficiency with others. Customers also want notifications for high bills and tips for becoming more energy efficient. In some markets, customers also are looking for compelling offers which are critical to increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Today, more customers also are interested in the environmental practices of the companies they do business with, from consumer brands to energy providers. Climate change concerns have invigorated research and investment in clean generating technologies. At the same time, rising and unpredictable fossil fuel prices are making these technologies more cost-competitive. In addition to these changing customer requirements, the introduction of smart grid, distributed generation and storage technologies are adding more complexity to utility networks, moving power and information in multiple directions. These technologies also enable a host of new participants and business models, some of which provide strong competition for existing energy and utility revenue streams.

As an Energy and Utilities service, you can:

  • Leverage IBM systems, solutions and cognitive capabilities to provide a superior customer experience.
  • Integrate all your customer data and apply predictive analytics to gain insights into user behaviours and preferences.
  • Take advantage of this knowledge to build a personal connection with customers, and tailor your programs to meet their specific needs.

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