Westinghouse, Pilgrim tighten down bolt accord

Westinghouse Electric Corp., USA, and Pilgrim International, UK, have signed a technical assistance agreement to develop sales of the Pilgrim radial fit coupling bolts to Westinghouse turbine users.

The agreement allows Westinghouse customers to purchase the bolts direct from the manufacturer for the fastest, most cost-effective service. Westinghouse will provide technical support to Pilgrim, ensuring bolt design conforms to Westinghouse`s strict design criteria. The agreement is the result of seven years of cooperation, during which Westinghouse sold Pilgrim bolts under its own Sure-Fit tradename.

The Pilgrim radial fit coupling bolt is a hydraulic bolt which eliminates troublesome bolt seizure and the ensuing damage to both bolt and bolt hole. It works by drawing a taper shank bolt into a matching tapered sleeve with a parallel outside diameter. Bolt and sleeve are installed in the coupling bolt holes in a clearance condition. With the sleeve held in place, the bolt is drawn in hydraulically. The sleeve then expands to create a significant radial force within the holes to align them accurately. Additional axial force generated in the bolts provides a controlled clamping force. The bolts can be removed and reused by using oil injection to separate the sleeve and bolt.